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Sydney is a vibrating city with thousands of people living there. Nice normal people who are all respectable members of the public. Well, during the day anyway, after the sun goes down you will probably find that many of these people change.

Sydney is one of the horniest cities in the world. Little do most people know that Sydney has one of the highest populations of horny older men and women who love to go dogging, swinging, sex parties, latex and fetish parties… The list really does go on.

A testimonial from a couple in Sydney

“Have you ever fucked in the Sydney opera house? We have! My name is Carol and my husband is John. If you were to meet us during the day you would probably think we were quite boring. I am a teacher and my husband is a doctor, we live down by Bonsai in a quiet area. Come the night though, John and me like to let our wild sides out.

We have been attending sex parties now for the last ten years. With the children grown up and moved out, we decided it was time to spice up our marriage, I spoke to John and asked him if he had ever considered have sex with another man's wife in our local area. He was taken back at first but when I said to him that I was interested in going to a swinging party and I was going to give him the chance to fuck a horny housewife in Sydney he quickly got turned onto the idea.

We came online to see if we could find like-minded people in our area. We signed up for and this site. Before long we realized that was full of people in our area who also had these secret sex lives. People like us who were looking to have a little bit more excitement in their lives. Before long we were organizing sexy weekends away with couples that we had never met before for sex. It was really exciting actually as we're sending each other sexy images of me and John fucking, even one or two videos that we took on our phone. It was like foreplay but with another couple. By the time the weekend came around, we couldn’t wait to swap partner and have the best sex we have had in years. By the end of the weekend, we were even having orgies.

It was a weekend full of filth and we have been addicted ever since. We have been to sex parties and orgies all over Sydney; we have even done it on local beaches. All thanks to this incredible dating site.”

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