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Sunshine Coast

Are you living on the sunshine coast and on the lookout for a hottie to start having sex with? Many men and women over the age of fifty don’t think that they are going to meet people who are looking for no strings attached fun in their area. I am here to tell you that this is not the case. We have a dating site in the Sunshine Coast that specialises in putting men and women in contact for sex.

Each week we have hundreds of people like you living in the Sunshine Coast, stumble upon this site and sign up.

What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up to this site, the first thing that happens is that you get taken through to our member’s area. We will line up all the single people who are looking to meet up with others for a romantic encounter near you. You can take your time just to scroll through this list and see if anyone catches your eye, but you might find that there are simply too many people for you to scroll through.

Filtering your results

The secret is to filter your results down to the people who you would typically be the most attracted to. So you can obviously start off by putting in appearance characteristics such as hair colour, eye colour, height, build, etc. Then you might decide that you are only really interested in meeting people who live close to you on the Sunshine Coast. Such as men and women over fifty who live less than 5 miles from your house.

This massively reduces the search results and will make your job of finding people a lot easier.

There is one last search feature that I haven’t told you about yet. This is a sex-dating site, so we wanted to make it easy for you to find people who you would be compatible with sexually.

You can now filter your results based on people who have the same sexual tastes as you. So for example, if you like having a blowjob then just filter mature ladies who enjoy giving blowjobs, and we will get rid of all the women who do not enjoy them. This means you can be so specific with your search that you can meet women that you are not only attracted to but women who you are sexually compatible with too!

The kind of people you could meet

We’d love to welcome you as a member too!