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if you are looking for a dating website where you can meet some Australia’s naughtiest mature women who are looking for casual fun, and no strings sex every day and night of the week then we have the site just for you! Here at we can offer you a dirty dating experience like no other site in Australia. Our service has been successfully running here since 2010, and we have a proven track record in hooking members up since our filthy over fifty sites have picked up global success in the UK, the United States, South Africa and now here in Australia. We want to take the next 5 minutes to show you how, and why our dating site is full of the naughtiest women over 50 you will ever meet!

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Our successful dating platform might be available across the world, but Australia, without a doubt, has the worlds naughtiest women over 50! Every month we see the largest volume of messages go out to guys looking to meet for sex. Over 10,000 sex requests were sent out in just March, making it our horniest month of the year to date! There seem to be more bored and horny housewives in Australia than any other part of the world right now. And it’s not just the fact that thousands of messages are being sent between our members, it’s the fact that members here are taking advantage of our platform and actually meeting up for sex every single night. Great news for any horny young guys looking to seal the deal!

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We don’t believe anyone who says they don’t wish they could be having more sex on a regular basis. I mean come on… Every man and woman on the planet want’s to he having more sex, it’s just a matter of fact. Thankfully we hear from members of our site all the time who write in to let us know that thanks to our dating site they are now having a much more active sex life. Why is this we hear you ask? Well, we believe it’s down to two things. Firstly the type of members we attract to our site. We spend a lot of money and time making sure we advertise and promote our sex dating service to the type of people we want as members here. Secondly, we don’t try and make out our website isn’t about anything other than casual sex. We are honest and open about the type of service we offer here, and because of that we feel the members that join our service know exactly what they are in for, and it makes everyone on our site feel more comfortable and open about asking for sex.

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