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This we thought we would make the blog post a little different. If you are interested in meeting filthy grannies then we have them right here! All of the women who sign up to this site, looking for sex have profiles that you can scroll through. The profiles are similar to Facebook profiles, you can see filthy grannies images that they have uploaded, you can read about the person you can even read some of the things that they have been getting up to.

Filthy Diary entries.

Some of the women enjoy writing about their sexual experiences that they have found through this website. In fact, women who write about their sexual conquests have a lot of attention for the men because the men would love to be in their stories.

Anyway, this week we thought we would do something different and post a diary entry from one of the female members of this site. This granny is 58 and is completely filthy. If you like graphic novels then you are going to love this caption

“I met up with a chap in Melbourne last night. It turns out that he only lived about half a mile away from me. I went to this motel just out of town to meet him. I made sure that all I was wearing under my dress was a thong made of liquorice. I knew that it might get a bit sticky but I didn’t care as I was going to make this guy lick all the residue off me.

Once we met in the hotel, I rucked up my dress and asked him to take my thong off with his teeth. He was in heaven. I could see it in his eyes and I love turning men into puppy dogs with my body. He bit into it and ripped it off but I was right, there was a thong-shaped liquorice line around me. I asked him to lick it all off so there was no stain at all. He started at the back and licked all the sticky liquorice staining off. Then I rolled over onto my back and put my legs in the air and enjoyed it as he licked my ass crack. He licked my anus and worked his way to my dripping wet pussy which he devoured. I mean he literally eats my pussy. I loved every second of it but I didn’t want to cum.

Just as I was reaching climax I told him to fuck me as hard and as fast as he could. He stood up, undid his belt and gave me the rooting of my life. I came seconds and so did he. BINGO!”

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