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Are you horny, single and over fifty living in Wollongong, desperately seeking more sex in your life. This is pretty much the criteria you have to fit if you want to sign up to this dating site. We created this dating site as a way for more people in their fifties could meet other fifty years old looking for sex near them.

The issue in Wollongong is that there are few places you can go to pick up women if you are over fifty. This leads to hundreds of middle age men and women wondering where they can go to get their kicks. Well, the answer is online. We are the premium-dating site for men looking for filthy fifty-year-old women across Australia, and Wollongong is the number one city for women signing up looking for some no strings attached sex.

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Don’t just take our word for it, why not read a testimonial from a man who signed up about three weeks ago and wrote to us to tell us how happy he was with the service.

“Hi My name is Mike, and I wanted to write in to say that I am very impressed with this site. I first got into online dating through Tinder. I was very impressed with that app for a bit but it has quickly become a bit crap. I wanted to come online to see if there were any specific dating sites for men over fifty looking for NSA fun in Wollongong, I stumbled upon this site, and I have to say I have been blown away.

The first thing is that these people are real! You can just tell, Over 80% of the people I wrote to, messaged me back, which means I can now be more selective about who I get in contact with. On other dating sites, I would just find myself sending out mass emails just hoping that one or two people would get back. I was even messaging women that I was not interested in on the basis that I felt just as desperate online as I did offline.
This site has revolutionised the way I use online dating. I am not a lot pickier as I know I am most likely to get a response from these women.

I am only ever chatting to about five women at a time because I didn’t have the time to be talking to any more. To put this another way, it is like the women on this site are genuinely interested in meeting up for sex. They are here for the same reason as me, to find sex and to find it fast!”

If this sounds like the type of Wollongong sex dating site that you have been looking for then definitely get in touch today!

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