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Over 50 sex in Perth

With nearly 2 million people living in and around Perth, this capital city in Western Australia, the chances of meeting the type of people you are interested in has never been easier! This is made even easier when using an adult dating platform like ours here at Our dating website and service will give you access to browse, contact and meet with thousands of local adults living in Perth who is all looking for casual sex, one night stands and passionate flings. So sign up now for your free membership trial and explore our website and start browsing all the potential members you want to be having sex with, or continue reading this post to find out how our dating site helps all our members find a shag in Perth!

The best site for finding mature women looking for fun

When it comes to online dating, especially adult dating (websites that offer a similar service to ours) there is an awful lot of choice. Sites like Fling Finder or Red Hot Pie are all competing to attract members who are just looking for a generic, and in our opinion, bland sex dating experience. This is the type of experience you could probably find using easier methods like Tinder, or any of the adult messaging forums in Perth like or as just two examples. The problem here is that these sites and services offer a very wide and broad spectrum of sexual encounters. When it comes to looking for a specific, or a particular type of interest, say meeting experienced, mature women, then you will want to use a site like ours, Filthy Over Fifty Dating here in Perth.

We don’t just offer our award-winning service to the over fifties…

Our site is unique and special in offering a service to a very particular type of member. We have tried to tailor the experience to a more mature, older audience who are looking for exactly the same type of, no-strings-attached sexual relationship, but might be newer to using internet sites, or phone apps to get what they want. That is why we have designed and developed our site to be incredibly easy to use with smart features that will allow any internet or computer novice to find exactly what they want.

Our dating app is better than Tinder for getting you laid

Tinder might not be very vocal about the type of service their mobile phone app offers, but to anyone who has used it we all know it really solves one problem, helping you get laid. Of course, we are not going to dispute that many a relationship has started due to using the app, but I think if we were all completely honest with ourselves the potential of finding sex was a big attraction for all of us new to Tinder. works in a very similar way to Tinder, but with one huge difference… We don’t try and pretend to be anything other than a sex dating app, especially for those interested in shagging an experienced fifty plus woman. From the moment you join our site using a free membership trial your experience to improve your sex life begins. And to help you improve it we offer a range of tools and features to help you find as much sex as you could possibly want!

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