Australian Capital Territory

If you are living in the Australian Capital Territory, over the age of fifty and currently online looking for some no strings attached sex in your area then you are in the right place. Filthy over fifty is the number one online sex dating site for the over fifties in the Australian Capitol Territory.

We created this site over ten years ago with the aim of helping more and more horny people in their forties and fifties get in touch with each other for some hot horny sex.

Here is a testimonial off one of our members who explain perfectly why we made this site.

Australian Capital Territory mature sex“My name is Jen, and I live in the Australian Capitol Territory. I was afraid when I got to my fifties that my dating and sex life was over. Having been married, I had been out of the game for a long time. I didn’t think that anyone was going to have any interest in going out with someone like me. On top of that, I was not particularly looking for a serious relationship. Having lost my husband, I definitely did not feel like I wanted to get married again, however, what I really wanted was for someone to make me feel sexy again. I came online looking for a way to just get put in contact with a few guys who were going to tell me I was hot and that they were interested. I didn’t think that it was going to be any more than that.

I came online, and within a few days of uploading images of myself, I got what I had come online for.

I had quite a few guys telling me I was a hot mature lady who they would love to spend the night with.

Australian Capital Territory mature onlineThe thing that surprised me was how hot the guys were who were saying this to me. I wrote back saying how I was happy they felt that way and a few of them were quite persistent that we meet up for a drink. I thought, “what the hell”, so I went out on a date with this one guy who was extremely attractive and very sexy. He bought me red wine all night and at the end of the evening he started kissing my neck, which always makes my knickers come off.

He came back to my house, and I have to say, he fucked me all night long. I was blown away by the sex. I was orgasming every 5 minutes.”

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